The management of the Semnan University press is known as a part of the Research and Technology Department of the university, which also deals with the management and coordination of activities related to the two areas of publishing books and journals. This department works with the aim of expanding scientific communication, publishing and promoting science, innovative and technological findings, fundamental, applied and developmental research achievements in the form of scientific books and articles. In line with the university's strategic goals, Semnan University press can strengthen the spirit of research and follow-up in scientific, specialized, and cultural fields and encourage researchers and scientists through the publication of their research achievements, including authoring, translating, and publishing university books. Also, this department is responsible for supporting and providing the fields of production, publication, distribution of useful books and journals and their supply at reasonable and fair prices, publication of new and reliable researches and studies in Persian or other foreign languages, translation, authoring and publishing new reference books in general and guides, dictionaries, collections, scientific terms, bibliographies, proofreading and criticism of scientific texts. Also, one of the important duties of this department is the issue of creating unity in university publications regarding financial and executive issues of printing and the issue of improving their rank at the national and international levels. Using more than 350 academic staffs of its various faculties and educational groups, Semnan University press is proud to have authored and translated more than 100,000 pages of educational content in more than 300 printed book titles and is in the production and development of as many new sciences and techniques as possible in Iran. Currently, Semnan University press has 19 scientific and specialized journals, of which 8 journals are published in English, 10 journals in Persian, and one journal in Arabic. In the evaluation of 2022 by the Scientific Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) in Iran, 3 journals were placed in the category of publications with an international rating, 1 journal with a scientific rating of "A", and 7 journals with a scientific rating of "B". All the prestigious scientific journals of the Semnan University press are indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and also 3 journals are also indexed in the Scopus. It is worth mentioning that in 2022, Semnan University press has three journals that have a quality rating of Q in the Scimago database.

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